Westeros Design

Our People


Chief Executive Officer – Rendal Blackyre

Rendal recently rose to C.E.O when he poisoned our old C.E.O. by slipping the strangler into his morning wine. That makes Rendal our 7th C.E.O. of the past year. Rendal hails from the distant reaches of Asshai where he earned a master’s degree in the dark and terrifying art of Shadowbinding, so no one has worked up the nerve to ask him any questions for this bio. But, he’ll likely be killed by a power-hungry V.P. soon, so it’s no matter.


Chief Strategy OfficerGwen R. R. Maeson 

Gwen R. R. Maeson’s love for stories and psychology was born around the dinner table when her father, a longshoreman, would bring back tales of far away places. Gwen speaks about a “total immersion” method for developing great strategy. While her strategies have generated tremendous success and an extremely loyal following, she often takes much much much longer to write than most people would like. Her response: “It’ll be done when it’s done.”


Chief Creative Officer – Aegaron Qohqaeron  

Our Chief Creative Officer hails from Myr — famous for the craftsmanship of its glass, lace, and now the best CCO in Westeros. Aegaron has traveled the Nine Free Cities where he led integrated campaign efforts for The Golden Company, helped rebrand the beleaguered Second Sons and helped develop the immersive virtual reality experiences of the House of the Undying. He is a four-time winner of the Dragon Glass Qarthy Award — the most prestigious award in the known world.


Head of New Business – Khal Anno 

This former Dothraki bloodrider has a breadth of experience leading raids and enslaving villages, making him perfect for new client acquisition. With a name that means, “to cause pain” it was no surprise when he appeared on a list of  “The 30 Deadliest Dothraki Under 30.” In his free time he enjoys curling up by the hearth with his seven wives and a vintage fermented mare milk.


Chief Financial Officer – Vyran Sanyris

After rising through the ranks of Tyroshi trading cartels, he achieved notoriety when he helped deny debt renegotiation to the Lannisters. (Mess with the Lannisters, and you’re O.K. with us.) With Vyran’s help, Westeros Design will have its due. Or we’ll fund your enemies until you are destroyed. Bonus: Vyran helped negotiate our excellent new 401(k) package.