Westeros Design

House Targaryen Dragon Experiential



When you can ride, tame and give birth to dragons, it’s fairly obvious how you should direct your brand look and feel. So most of our work was done. But, when House Targaryen came to us there was one major problem hurting their public perception: no dragons. They had been extinct for several hundred years. In our opinion, all the flaxen hair and banners in the world couldn’t come close to doing what a terrifying giant fire-breathing killing machine could do for both brand recall and conversion.


Relaunching The Brand

With the sigil, color scheme and typography already receiving strong scores in quantitative brand trackers we focused on an experiential advertising and branding campaign to increase recognition and bring the brand to life…quite literally. Opportunity mapping workshops led to the cocreation of a powerful idea: bring back the motherfucking dragons.


Spreading the word. And the destruction.

With the launch of three new horrifying dragons, it was time to leverage several key influencers to help spread the word. And by “leverage influencers” we mean we torched their villages and goatherds so they’d use their social reach to announce the re-emergence of the Targaryen dragons with blood-curdling screams. Specifically, the brand’s work in Slaver’s Bay with Kraznys mo Nakloz went viral the instant his face melted off his skull. Soon everyone from Redwyne Straights to The Jade Sea understood the key messaging of the Targaryen brand.




•  Post-launch awareness of the brand was up 62%, with another 98% saying they were “crap-my-pants” horrified of the brand.

• Our experiential dragon relaunch helped the Targaryen brand increase resonance with former slaves, nomadic tribes, and millennials.

• 6486 goats met a fiery end in the first 2 weeks of engagement.

• Brand loyalists increased by 8,000 Unsullied.