Westeros Design


Case Study One


MAKING the unlikeable likeable.

We were eager to work with the Lannisters — Wardens of the West, the richest family in Westeros and quite good-looking to boot. But, those looks had begun to fade. Under former CEO Tytos Lannister organic growth had plateaued leading them to focus on acquisitions. To make matters worse, brand affinity and sentiment were at an all time low. Whispers from research firm The Little Birds™ showed that 47% of Lannisport found the house past its prime while another 78% simply called them, “dickholes.”


Communicating Nobility & Avoiding Decapitation

White space mapping showed the marketplace was absent of a brand that strongly appealed to the Upwardly Mobile Lord ages 18-35. So, we set out to help the Lannisters fill that void, starting with a much stronger sigil than previous explorations: the noble lion.*

* The house words “Hear Me Roar!” felt like an obvious brand evolution. Unfortunately, rather than follow our unified recommendation, the Lannisters chose to dissever its efforts with some nonsense about debts.


Adding Shine To The Lannister Name

With The Lannister home of Casterly Rock sitting atop the largest gold mines in Westeros, our primary color exploration lasted less time than it takes The Lannisters to repay a debt. (UPDATE: According to recent lenders, and our very own billing department, the Lannisters actually take quite a while to repay debts. We are working on a new analogy. But the color is still gold.)

For the secondary color, we relied on the words on the winds for inspiration, which told us that the Lannister House is very, shall we say, loving towards one another. So, crimson, the carnal color of passion, love, and lust was chosen to compliment the gold.



-        Sigil
-        Color scheme
-        Typography
-        Banners
-        Gonfalons
-        Guidons
-        Pinsels
-        Armor
-        Table Tents
-        Calfskin stress balls
-        Branded golf visors and tees



Now, only 77% on Lannisport considers the Lannisters, ‘dickholes.’
— Jamie Lannister