Westeros Design

House Bolton Relaunch


BLOOD, Sweat & More Blood.

After years of living as a challenger brand in the North, House Bolton recently saw an opportunity to seize an increase in market share. With new leadership and a dramatic increase in the size of their workforce, the brand needed a refresh.

The house’s longstanding sigil of a flayed man, while accurate and unique, was a bit complicated, relying on the audience to understand flaying to understand the brand promise. In addition, focus group debriefs highlighted comments like, “Isn’t it upside down?” and “Eww.” We set out to create new brand assets that were equally ownable, but with a modern, 302 AL look and feel.


Phase 1 Concepting: SIMPLICITY

Our first suggestion was abandoning the flayed man for something with a bit more mass appeal. That suggestion was met with the savage execution of our lead designer by dog pack.


Phase 2 Concepting: SOFTENING

Next, we suggested still using a man, but a man with his skin still on his body. And clothing. Response: Our project manager’s genitals were removed from his person.


Phase 3 Concepting: UNDERSTANDING

We suggested typography to explain to uninformed audiences what “flaying” actually is to increase brand comprehension and recognition amongst a broader audience. While our client partners expressed interest in this direction upon initial consideration, ultimately our lead typesetter was disemboweled and left on one of our mounting tables with his entrails spelling out the words, “I hate Helvetica.”


Phase 4 Concepting: CAPITULATION

Consistent and strong feedback gave us valuable insight into the true mindset of our clients and ultimately inspired our final suggestion: stick with the flayed man.

After gauging out the eyes of our color specialist with a dull stick, seemingly just for fun, House Bolton agreed.

At House Bolton, we have a very specific way of doing things that can, admittedly, be difficult for some partners to understand. But Westeros Design proved to us that they were team players, willing to make many a sacrifice to arrive at an acceptable final solution. And we had tremendous fun along the way.
— ramsay bolton


• 17 lives were lost
during the project.



• House Bolton died out recently. We have purchased the trademarks for their sigil, so if any other houses are interested in a turnkey branding solution, contact our sales department.