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House Arryn Moon Door Design



For over 5000 years House Arryn has benefited from inhabiting one of the most impenetrable castles in Westeros, The Eyrie. However, when market research asked Westerosi to describe the defining feature of The Eyrie many were unable to muster anything more substantive than, “mountains.” Since mountains are prevalent nearly everywhere in Westeros, House Arryn rightfully felt their home needed a defining feature to set their brand apart in a memorable way.


Striking and Cost Efficiency

New CEO/CMO/CFO of the House, Lysa Arryn, delivered the brief: Provide architectural differentiation, make it terrifying, and do it for under 50,000 Gold Dragons. Like everything Lady Lysa says, it was crazy. But we were up to the challenge.





This stained glass spiral slide would allow Lysa to trick guests into a joyful ride only to have them reach internal organ-shattering speeds of 400 mph. Estimates from vendors revealed building and constantly cleaning the slide to be cost prohibitive.

Rejected: Too Expensive.



This distinct brand solution asked the question: What’s the fun of one catapult when you can have two that throw someone back and forth until they expire? The answer from qualitative groups was overwhelming, with many stating that compared to the other ways to die in the realm, this sounded very fun indeed.

Rejected: Not Scary.



For a truly ownable architectural feature, we needed to look no further than the beautiful House Arryn sigil (also designed by us). Ser Artys Arryn’s giant falcon shows how flight is part of the brand story. And the crescent moon is a clear symbol of strength in the Mountains of the Moon region.

Our solution: The Moon Door — a hole in the floor of The High Hall that sends unwanted visitors “flying” to their deaths, violently shattering their panicked bodies into thousands of tiny pieces 600 feet below on beautiful Tarthian marble. A truly elegant brand experience. And cheap — it’s just a hole.

Approved: Memorable & Inexpensive



The Moon Door has 100% success rate for bloody splattering deaths.
 • “Moon Door” has replaced “mountains” as the defining attribute of The Eyrie in post-launch market research.